The Importance of Sound: A Podcast Review

In this episode of “Capturing Light-A Director of Photography’s Podcast”, Les Gaddis sits down with filmmaker Dallas Taylor.  Taylor talks about his role in the film industry, and how sound has shaped his career.  He goes on to tell about how he felt himself “drawn to audio”.  This is something that I can’t really relate to.  I do not particularly have an interest in audio or sound with filmmaking, but instead, cinematography and editing.

Taylor reveals to Gaddis that he does some of his own Foley.  He goes on to explain what exactly that is.  I learned what Foley artists were, by watching the documentary Actors of Sound (dir. Lalo Molina, 2016) at the 2017 Nashville Film Festival.  Taylor says that Foley is more easily done on bigger budget features, versus independent films.  He talks about the need for good surfaces to use, as well as good quality equipment to record and edit sound with.

Taylor then gives suggestions on how to better plan ahead for sound in a film while it is still in production.  He also goes on to talk about when music is and is not appropriate in a film.  He thinks that music is a good way to make the audience feel a certain emotion, but that sometimes the film itself can make the audience feel that way without the need for music.  He says that music is usually fine for short films, but sometimes features don’t necessarily need a lot of it.

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